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Hero Slaps!


Here's a very sticky collection of the gods of my world, all Mookified in their own particular way. For those confused by this mash of faces… here's a little lesson in humans I think are awesome.

The Hero: Janis Joplin
Find her strolling around in your Spotify account, go listen to her album 'Pearl' n find out what she's all about

The Legend: John Belushi
Everyone knows 'Joliet' Jake Blues, but get your eyeballs watching Animal House or Neighbors to see more of this god of madness

The Genius: Chris Morris
Sit down in a dark room, on your own, and watch the full series of Jam in a oner. You may end up with mild trauma, but ohhh it'll be so worth it. Jammmmmmmmmm.

The Master: Peter Cook
I have a deep love for E L Whisty or Sven from Swiss Cottage… but the Cook that really blew my mind was from Mr Jolly Lives Next Door… find it if you can and adore the irrepressible genius that he was

The God: Spike Milligan
My personal king of comedy. Mad as a box of spanners, and twice as colourful. Everything Milligan touched was gold. A man not of this earth, a brain that existed on some truly godlike plain. Read him, watch him or listen to him. From the Goons to his appearance on Pob's Programme, always beautifully insane.

That's it, I'm done, rant over, thanks for tuning in.

Moooooook x

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